No Oven Chocolate Cake [Only 3 Ingredients]

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Chocolate Cake Only 3 Ingredients In Lock-down Without Egg, Oven, Maida Recipe [ASMR]
チョコケーキ3つの成分 の作り方 [Eating sound]
●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 28 Oreo Cookies
– 1Tsp Baking powder
– 1Cup Milk (245ml)
– Cooking oil
– Low heat 40 minutes
(弱火 40分)
– Chocolate Ganache
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3. Chocolate Cake 3 Bahan In Lock-down Without Oven, Egg, Maida
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6. بثلاث مكونات فقط اسرع و اطيب كيكة شوكولا بطريقة لن تخطر ببالك
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  1. If i eat all the raw ingredients together technically i would still eat the cake without making it.

    1. I wouldn’t. Too much partially hydrogenated artery blocking fat and cheap high fructose corn syrup. Though it does looks delicious so I’ll be picking up alternative but similar ingredients.

  2. I forgot to put a lid on and forgot you needed 28 oreos and I also accidently used a wide pot. Everything went wrong lol

    1. @Erin Ricafrente Yes, but he didn’t specify the temperature so we don’t know if it’s the correct temperature

  3. no one:
    Not even a worm:
    The cat: “hey bro, stop tempting me into eating that. Ya know i gluten free”

    Fun Fact: You shouldn’t give your cat Oreos. Oreos are unhealthy as they contain ingredients that lack any health benefit for your cat. So, even though your feline friend can eat it in small quantities as a treat, it does more harm than good. For this reason, your cat should not eat it at all.

    1. Bruh guys he probably knows this he was probs joking about the cat eating a small piece of it like think about he would know this since he should’ve done his researched before getting the cat

  4. The most lovely and relaxing part is that he has not used any background music and you can enjoy the asmr perfectly

  5. My biggest fear right now : wasting a whole packet of oreo incase I try it and it doesn’t come out as good 😂

  6. At 3.55
    Everyone : looking at the cake getting decorated
    Me : trying to look his face through the reflection from the cake .

    Am I the only one ? 😅 from india

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