Most Satisfying Chocolate Cake Decorating 😍 How to Make Chocolate Cake Recipes 😱 So Yummy

I love chocolate | I love Callebaut | I love Callets | I love … NEW

Ich liebe schokolade | Ich Liebe Callebaut | Ich liebe Callets | Ich liebe … NEU

J’aime le chocolat | J’aime Callebaut | J’aime les Callets | J’aime … Nouveau

Amo el chocolate | Me gusta Callebaut | Me encantan los Callets | Me gusta … nuevo

Amo il cioccolato | Mi piace Callebaut | Amo i Callets | Mi piace… Nuovo

I love , I liebe , J’aime , me gusta , amo CALLETS.EU


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    2. You can make your own icing with less sugar and this just whipped cream it’s not like the heavy icing with sugar and shortening. My humble opinion

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  1. who else is scrolling in the comment section trying to figure out where the HELL THE CHOCOLATE CAKE is🤔🤔🤔

  2. 衛生上平気?って言ってる人さ、普通にアルコールスプレーしてから使ってるから

  3. On the first one is it just me or did it look like she used a playing card to smooth the frosting down?

    1. Exactly. Using a playing card as I noticed at first doesn’t agree with me bec playing card has prints on it and the prints fade away with the icing on the cake which ended up in stomach which is poisonous.

  4. these cakes look so good and the design as well. I just love how you incorporate colors, the combinations are perfect.

  5. Everyone’s mad about the amount of frosting… but ain’t no one else gonna talk about the amount of ads in this video!?
    I Had to see 3 ads in the first 5 minutes 😫

  6. The cake designs weren’t that great, especially when the playing card and money were shown being used. The only cake I liked was the white one. With the pretty colors on top. But WTH was with the stupid color and design on the bottom???

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